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Walnut Teabread

10 tips to achieve a successful bake

I love to bake, and since embarking upon my Baking Bible Challenge (a personal challenge I set for myself to bake all 219 recipes in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible) I…


#58 Mississippi Mud Pie {Baking Bible Challenge}

Bake number 58 of 219 is Mississippi Mud Pie! I was a little apprehensive about attempting this after a previous disaster with a baked cheesecake, but following some advice I…


#43 Strawberry Dessert Cake {Baking Bible Challenge}

In celebration of summer I planned to make Mary Berry’s Strawberry Dessert Cake, and because I already had the strawberries ready, despite the sun being replaced by rain this morning,…


#41 Cheese Straws {Baking Bible Challenge}

It’s been a little while since I did any baking for my challenge; I have found that with the weather being so nice we have been spending much of our…


#38 Banana Loaf {Baking Bible Challenge}

Earlier this week Rosalie and I got our bake on, using up a couple of bananas that were way past their best, to make Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf. Rosalie has…