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fresh blog layout for spring

My favourite posts of 2016

My favourite posts These are some of my favourite posts from 2016 – click the images to read the posts! Toddler Curiosity and Embracing Simple Things One of the best…

making time for us

Carving out time for him and me

Jim and I had ten years together as a couple before Rosalie came along, so it’s fair to say that the arrival of our little bundle did mean adjustments had to…

fresh blog layout for spring

A fresh blog layout for spring

Isn’t spring great for fresh starts and new beginnings? The arrival of spring always makes me feel uplifted and encourages me to take a fresh look at things, whether that…

Being mummy

On being mummy and a role model

There’s no doubt about it, becoming a mummy is completely and utterly life-changing. Suddenly this helpless little person depends on you for everything, every minute of the day. I found…

Watching the sea

Blog silence…

It’s been two and a half weeks since I wrote a blog post. Not that I want to make excuses, but here’s why: Last week we were on holiday in…

50 things that make me happy

50 things that make me happy

Thank you so much to the lovely Sammy from From Mamma With Love and Katy from What Katy Said for asking me to join in with this little happiness post,…

life is what thoughts make it

Our life is what our thoughts make it

You wouldn’t think that a book written in 1953 would still have so much relevance today; but that is exactly true for Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to stop worrying and start…