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toddler hooray

Enjoying the spring sunshine

I think it’s fair to say April is living up to its name with the showers. Today we even had a little flurry of large snowflakes! But putting that aside…

toddler in springtime

Little person, big personality

When I look back at pictures of newborn Rosalie I see this tiny, helpless little thing with a whole future ahead of her – nothing fixed, changing every day, inching…


Something to make you feel better mummy

Parenting can be quite a tough gig at times, and one of those times is when you’re sick. The amount of energy and enthusiasm toddlers have is incredible; when I…


Losing something I never really had

I wanted to write this post to process my feelings; I wasn’t even sure if I would ever publish it. But I’m going to. I want to talk candidly about…

Being mummy

On being mummy and a role model

There’s no doubt about it, becoming a mummy is completely and utterly life-changing. Suddenly this helpless little person depends on you for everything, every minute of the day. I found…

Now you are two

Dear Baby Girl: Now You Are Two

Dear Rosalie, It’s been over a month since your second birthday, how time flies, and how slack of me to not have written this post before now! We had such…