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toddler in springtime
My family

Little person, big personality

When I look back at pictures of newborn Rosalie I see this tiny, helpless little thing with a whole future ahead of her – nothing fixed, changing every day, inching…

The demise of the nap - Rosalie

The demise of the nap

I used to love Rosalie’s nap time – she would reliably sleep for two or sometimes three hours, giving me plenty of time to do some housework, ‘real’ work or…

first shoes
My family

And now she’s a toddler

We’ve had a major milestone this week – my baby girl is now a toddler. I can’t quite believe it, after so many months of walking holding on, she has…



I don’t know about you, but for me everything feels so much better when the sun shines. Although we haven’t had the coldest of winters, it has felt long this…


Daddy’s Girl Mummy’s World

I think Rosalie has always been a Daddy’s girl. Jim pretty much exclusively held her for the first six hours of her life; he did her first nappy, he put…

mummy reading with R

Grab a book and climb aboard

Something wonderful has happened to Rosalie over the last few weeks. Something that makes my heart melt every time she does it. Lots of Rosalie’s books are stowed on the…


Spring is coming! {the ordinary moments}

There is a definite hint of spring in the air now don’t you think? The evenings are beginning to get lighter which means it won’t be too long before we…


Bath Time Baby, Splashing Fun! {the ordinary moments}

Giving Rosalie a bath is Daddy’s domain. Ever since her first bath, it’s always been special daddy-daughter time. It’s lovely for Jim to have this time with Rosalie, as I…


Swing her high and low {the ordinary moments}

Trips to the park feature pretty highly on our weekly list of activities, as I’m sure they do for many families with young children. Rosalie was about seven months old…


Reminding myself why I blog

This week has been rather challenging. Both Rosalie and I have had bad colds, and on Monday morning all I really felt like doing was burying my head in my…