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exploring frozen puddles
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Raising curious kids

Children are curious by nature, they ask a lot of questions, and rightly so; the world is a complex place for little ones (and adults) to comprehend, and it is…

Rosalie in the leaves
My family

Dear Baby Girl: now you are three

A letter to my daughter on her third birthday Dear Rosalie,  So today you turn three; how did that happen? I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for three…

making time for us

Carving out time for him and me

Jim and I had ten years together as a couple before Rosalie came along, so it’s fair to say that the arrival of our little bundle did mean adjustments had to…

The demise of the nap - Rosalie

The demise of the nap

I used to love Rosalie’s nap time – she would reliably sleep for two or sometimes three hours, giving me plenty of time to do some housework, ‘real’ work or…

Being mummy

On being mummy and a role model

There’s no doubt about it, becoming a mummy is completely and utterly life-changing. Suddenly this helpless little person depends on you for everything, every minute of the day. I found…

Now you are two
My family

Dear Baby Girl: Now You Are Two

Dear Rosalie, It’s been over a month since your second birthday, how time flies, and how slack of me to not have written this post before now! We had such…

big girl bed

Moving to a big girl bed

A few weeks ago, when Rosalie was showing signs of imminently climbing out of her cot, we decided we’d order her a new bed. I didn’t want to wait for…

first shoes
My family

And now she’s a toddler

We’ve had a major milestone this week – my baby girl is now a toddler. I can’t quite believe it, after so many months of walking holding on, she has…

happy baby
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I’m writing this whilst Rosalie naps, and whilst the house is peaceful and I’m looking through my photos, it’s hard to imagine that she can be anything other than angelic.…


Daddy’s Girl Mummy’s World

I think Rosalie has always been a Daddy’s girl. Jim pretty much exclusively held her for the first six hours of her life; he did her first nappy, he put…