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My family

An icy stroll and waiting for baby

This proper winter weather is beautiful isn’t it? I love it when it’s cold, frosty and icy but so bright and sunny. We just had to get outside and enjoy…

mummy & Rosalie

The best birthday present

Almost two weeks ago it was my birthday and I was really looking forward to it. Not because I was thrilled to be turning 33, or because I thought I…

pregnancy test

Those first few weeks

Post written 25th May at 5 weeks pregnant Is it possible to be hysterically excited and totally petrified at the same time? I think so, because I am. When the…


Save Your Stamps – Save Little Lives

It’s an exciting time of year when a gentle thud on your doormat marks the arrival of the first season’s greetings; and with many more to follow over the festive…


The Thrifty List of Essential Baby Items

After becoming pregnant with Rosalie and signing up with a few pregnancy related websites, I suddenly felt inundated with information about different products and items that I needed to get…