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winter and snow themed books for toddlers

On the bookshelf in January

Our Playful Learning themes for January are Winter, Snow and Snowmen, so I have loaded Rosalie’s bookshelf with appropriate books to complement our activities. Luckily (I planned it that way!)…

on the bookshelf in december

On the bookshelf in December

Books play a really large part in Rosalie’s life; we regularly borrow books from the library and have a growing collection of children’s books that we own. We sit down…

This is the bear book review

This is the bear {What We’re Reading}

It took Rosalie quite a while to get attached to any particular toy; when she was very small we used to put toys in her pram, or clip them to…

Hide & Seek Pig book review

Hide-and-Seek Pig {What We’re Reading}

It’s no secret that we’re big Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler fans in this house; we own quite a few of their books, but none of the Tales from Acorn…

Dr Seuss The Foot Book book review

The Foot Book {What We’re Reading}

To be honest, this book was a bit of a panic grab in the library last time we visited. I always get the same number of books out so that…

Are you my mummy? book review

Are you my mummy? {What We’re Reading}

When we visit the library I always like to try and get one or two books that reflect things happening in Rosalie’s world at the time, such as the weather,…